About me

I have always been intrigued by relationships and power and my therapeutic style is guided by how each of us interacts with each other and with the world around us. It is important to me that I am authentic and down to earth when interacting with clients. I don’t want to be viewed as an all knowing, flawless being; I want our relationship to feel balanced as much as possible. I have the knowledge and experience of seeing and hearing and reading about ways to engage in healthier ways but my clients bring their own knowledge and power to our relationship and my job is to help you build the confidence you need to utilize your power and be reassured that you are most definitely not alone.

My practice focuses on relationships, sexuality, and individual struggles related to feelings of powerlessness.

I identify as a kinky, poly, bisexual, creative, crafty, cis-woman, a witch, and a mother to two human children and three puppies.

My Story


A star is born


My 'little' brother Jake joins the family


Meet 'The Family' (my nickname for my very large, close extended family)


My mom graduates with her Associates in Nursing and is the first woman in the family to get any college degree


Awkard teenage years as a band nerd


Still figuring things out (I remember smiling like this cause I didn't want to show my overbite)


Junior prom (My uncle made that fabulous dress and was so mad when he saw my spikey collar and boots with it.)


I decided to go with my girlfriend despite living in small town Oklahoma. (They rewrote the rules to stop girls from coming with girls as dates after this prom.)


Early college life


Meet my love, Clay... and move across the country to be with him.


We get our 'Practice Child' AKA Coltrane


We tie the knot between semesters (his for grad school and mine for undergrad-It took me a bit.)


I graduate with my Bachelors in Psychology (A first for women in my family) and we have our first child, Aubrey.


Baby's first Pride Parade!!! (Including lots of nursing in front of hundreds of people.)


We adopt Fitzy


February, I have my second child, Asher & my brother dies in a work related accident in April.


We adopt Callie Ann & I get my big memorial tattoo


We lose our first puppy after just 9 years together.


I graduate with a Masters in Professional Counseling


I am officially a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher


January, we lose our Miss Fitzy. In February, through luck or something, we welcome our wild, white & brown haired Buttercup and little poofball, Dax to the family just in time for quarantine.


Get new ink! (It's Vulcan, from Star Trek, and means infinite diversity in infinite combinations).


Get to meet my love, Georgia, in Scotland.


And here's the family as of 2022