My practice focuses on relationships, sexuality, and individual struggles related to feelings of powerlessness.

I have always been intrigued by relationships and power and my therapeutic style is guided by how each of us interacts with each other and with the world around us.

It is important to me that I am authentic and down to earth when interacting with clients. I don’t want to be viewed as an all knowing, flawless being; I want our relationship to feel balanced as much as possible. I have the knowledge and experience of seeing and hearing and reading about ways to engage in healthier ways but my clients bring their own knowledge and power to our relationship and my job is to help you build the confidence you need to utilize your power and be reassured that you are most definitely not alone.

Individual Counseling

One on one sessions in which we explore your current struggles, learn where the struggles are coming from and develop a committed action plan for how to move through those challenges and build new skills for addressing issues as they arise.

Individual Consulting/Coaching

One on one sessions focusing on building skills in specific areas including but not limited to sexuality, body neutrality, consensual non monogamy, healthy kink, coping skills for better mental health, or other areas of expertise (feel free to contact me for more information.).

Partner/Family Counseling

Sessions involving two or more participants wanting to enhance their communication, set better boundaries, work through difficulties, and increase intimacy in their relationship(s). We will explore what is going on currently and past habits and how to adjust expectations and talk to one another in ways that are conducive to more productive discussions all around while creating more clarity about what the relationship(s) offers each person and what the focus should be as you move forward.

Sex Therapy

These sessions may be in addition to other therapeutic sessions or done as short term treatment for a specific area of struggle in the expression and enjoyment of the erotic. We will address topics such as desire discrepancies, areas of perceived dysfunction, struggles with pain, reducing shame and enhancing pleasure of oneself and/ or others, and much more!