"Inside every broken heart is new love. Inside every hurtful word is new wisdom. Inside every broken spirit is new strength." 

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Webber Counseling

I want to be at the same level as my clients and not be seen as an expert or higher authority on how to live. My job as a therapist is to help you bring out your best qualities and discover your best life. My guiding principle is that all the answers you seek are within you and I'm just here to help you clear the path.


I offer individual therapy for people of all ages and backgrounds. I am a culturally sensitive counselor who will address an individual's challenges from a place of support and without judgement.


I am a PCIT trained therapist who works with children 2-7 and their families to address issues including ADHD, anger, and provide parenting support. I also offer family therapy services  for older children and adults to help build stronger bonds and communication within the family unit.


I offer couple's therapy to people of all lifestyles looking to develop stronger intimacy, communication, and trust in their relationships. I also work with individuals and couples to address issues of sexuality, pleasure, and performance.

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