April Webber

I identify as a cisgender female and am an advocate of LGBTQ+ people and a fierce defender of social diversity. I believe that my job is to walk beside you during a difficult moment in your path and help you take time to enjoy the scenery and find comfort in the choices you make. My counseling style is one of honesty and empathy and I work to tailor my techniques to each individual client.

My areas of focus include LGBTQ+ counseling, sex therapy, and couples counseling. I emphasize value-based living, mindfulness, and mind-body connections in session and believe that a therapist should be seen as a partner in regaining healthy mindsets and not as an expert that tells you what to do!


Licensed Professional Counselor

I graduated with my Master of Education in Professional Counseling in May 2017 and have been counseling full-time since receiving board approval. I have a background in sex therapy, transgender care, and couples/ family counseling. I have also received training in multicultural and diversity counseling.


2016 - Present

Parent- Child Interaction Therapy therapist


Licensed Professional Counselor